SITREP 004/2021 – Airservices Proposed Vaccine Mandate

It may have come as a surprise to everyone at ARFFS when the CEO of Airservices announced on 17 November 2021 that there was to be an employer vaccine mandate.
This came as a shock to your Union because Employee Relations had merely indicated they would start consultation about a proposal with all the Unions (Civil Air, CPSU, ETU, Professionals, UFUA) on 23 November 2021.

EA Update 005/2021

Yesterday the Union and Airservices met again to discuss the status of all items in the Union’s log of claims

EA Update 004/2021

Today the Union and Airservices met to discuss some of the pending items from the Union’s log of claims, the conversation was robust.

EA Update 003/2021

Yesterday your Union met with Airservices again to further discuss all items within the Unions log of claims.

EA Update 001/2021

Yesterday the Union and Airservices commenced the bargaining process by entering discussions to negotiate the next enterprise agreement

Victorian Health Direction

FOR THE INFORMATION OF MEMBERS: It must be acknowledged that the environment that we are currently navigating in respect of COVID-19 is a dynamic one. With that noted, today the Victorian Government issued a revised “COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Workers) Direction”. Section 8.8.(b).(i) provides an exemption to Commonwealth employees. As a result, Airservices will not be required to mandate …

SITREP 002/21

Issues Covered;
Covid 19 Vaccines. Task Resource Analysis. UFUA Endorses ASA BA Safe System of Work Post Implementation, Update of Branch Database, BLK Portal Open.

UFUA National Bulletin #003

Recognition of Meritorious Service
The National Union would like to acknowledge the contribution that outgoing West
Australian President and life member of the UFUA Kevin Jolly, outgoing Junior Vice
President of the Victorian Union and outgoing TAS BCOM member Vinnie Males
have made to the National Union.