1. John Miller

    Well done lads overall a good result. A tight nit BCOM is a must for the membership.

  2. David Griffiths

    Are the notable inclusions you have mentioned in this update (MINIMUM STAFFING CLAUSE, option of 24 hour roster, and so on) included in this interim arrangement?
    The way this is written would imply that they are, however that seems unlikely.
    Please clarify.

    • Wes Garrett

      All of those items are agreed to and included. To date we are the only Commonwealth agency to have received an exemption to the framework provided by the Governments interim arrangements. On Thursday Dec 1st CEO Harfield received a letter from Ministers King and Gallagher informing Airservices that they should offer Aviation Firefighters a wage increase of 4.9% over a term of 12 months and that it will be payable from the date an in principle agreement is made or Dec 7th, whichever occurs sooner.

  3. Toni Alexandrow

    What is the nominal expiry date of the new agreement?

    • Wes Garrett

      Hi Toni, the agreement will first go to ballot, if successful it will be signed by both parties and then off to Fairwork for a Decision. At that point we’ll have a new nominal expiry date. If the ballot is successful, the pay rise will be effective from the date we made the “in principle” agreement 2/12/2022.

  4. While the UFUA may have reached an in principle agreement with Airservices the membership have yet to see and more importantly vote for or against this offer. In light of this why are we ceasing all PIAs immediately? As an act of good faith? What if the offer is rejected?
    Perhaps we could have just halted our intended nation wide stoppage scheduled for the 9th December while keeping the PIAs in place until the members vote. Also it is my understanding that some stations in Queensland were wearing their uniforms as early as yesterday. No such directive has been issued at Melbourne. So much for unity!
    Whilst I understand that these events have occurred rapidly it is disappointing to read such vague messaging.

    • Wes Garrett

      G’day Frank, there’s nothing different or new regarding the withdrawal of PIA on the back of reaching an “in principle” agreement. We are required to cease PIA at this point, hence our EA Update which specifies that PIA should cease immediately, If the ballot does not approve the agreement the PIA status returns to where it was prior to reaching agreement. This probably goes some way to answering the second part of your question.

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