3 Minutes to Live

The Federal Government’s Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development is proposing that Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) services at five Australian Regional airports should be removed and aims to reduce services to unsafe levels at two major International Airports.

Additionally, the proposals in the government’s departmental review of ARFF regulation in Australia would result in no expansion of ARFF for 10 years or more.

The Provision of ARFF in Australia is mandated due to Australia being a signatory of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Convention. Australia’s lack of ARFF services was highlighted as a deficiency by ICAO in their last safety audit of Australia’s aviation services. Australia has only 26 of over 190 certified airports providing an ICAO compliant level of ARFF services.

The rapid and professional intervention by Singapore’s Airport Fire Fighters in Changi ensured the safest possible outcome for the 222 passengers and crew on board.

What will happen to you and your family when the same type of incident occurs in Australia and there are no Aviation Fire Fighters who can get to you within 3 minutes?

ICAO as the peak aviation organisation in the world sets standards for an ARFF service at certified airports. ICAO standards state that an ARFF service should respond to the end of the runways in under 3 minutes. Because 3 minutes is all it takes for a fire fueled by Avtur to take hold and burn through the fuselage of an aircraft.

Only a dedicated ARFF service has the firefighting capability to rapidly control the severe fires generated by aviation fuel and to be able to respond in time to make a difference.

Relying on urban fire and emergency services to respond from town is too little too late.

Don’t let the Federal Government compromise you and your family’s safety by removing ARFF services from our already struggling regional areas.

Reducing ARFF services at our airports increases the risk to your life and safety as well as those of our fire fighters.

Join our campaign and send a message to your MP telling them NO to any reduction or capping of Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting [ARFF] Services in Australia just because “the industry” wants it.

Don’t let the government or the airlines play with your safety and your life.

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