1. I would like to question there reason for a quick turn around?
    I also feel that if we are not gaining a super increase in line with everyone else we will be going backwards.

    • Hi Ben,
      Thank you for your comments.
      We see sense as taking as much time as needed to get everything right. The employer’s emphasis on a quick turn around was “to avoid delay”. You could post that question to the Chief’s internal EA page and see what his response is in more detail?
      We agree that Super needs to constantly be moving forward to keep up with life expectancy, anticipated living expenses in retirement etc. Employees in the Australian Public Service enjoy some of the most generous superannuation contributions available to workers. We have asked that ARFFS get an increase in line with those rates – this has been rejected by the employer. We also asked for super contributions to be paid whilst a person is absent from the workforce to care for a baby or adopted child in its first year/two years at home – this was also rejected by the employer. We think the latter is most disappointing as Airservices want to achieve the status of “employer of choice” by 2025 and the new EA will form part of that assessment. They have missed an opportunity during this bargaining.

  2. Again ASA want to screw us over. We r not treated the same as ATC. This treatment is so typical from ASA.
    Here we go again.
    Let’s hope the new UFU of A leadership takes them on an does not back down but fights for our genuine improvement of conditions.
    Our log of claims is not unrealistic.
    The only thing I am willing to bend on is the OT rate. Give and take.
    As usual ARFF staff give up everything and ASA take from ARFF.
    Unfortunately it’s going to take a major ACFT incident to expose everything and then maybe we will be worth something.

    • Hi Steve
      Thank you for your encouraging comments.
      Airservices is ONE employer and UFUA are simply asking that ARFFS get the same as ATC.

  3. Cameron Nankervis

    Is the pay rise of 1.9% the minimum or maximum ASA are allowed to offer under the public sector workplace relations policy, if its the minimum then surely we can counter offer with 1.9% without waiting 6 months and also then guarantee years 2 and 3 at the same rate.
    I understand them not budging on overtime rates etc not increasing but at the very least we need a pay rise, anyone filled up with fuel lately…..and also increasing super contributions is super important, these 2 need to get across the line

  4. Hi Cameron
    You are right in saying the cost of living is going up and wages need to keep up with these increases or in real terms we go backwards.
    Unfortunately the Australian Public Service Commissioner is adamant that pay increases should be capped at the Wage Price Index – Private Sector. The first percentage figure is only known because the ABS has publicised the data for the current Financial Year. This is also why the percentages for Years 2 and 3 are unknown. We had asked Airservices to seek an exemption to the policy, but they have said they are not willing to do so. You can read the entire policy here: https://www.apsc.gov.au/initiatives-and-programs/workplace-relations#public-sector-workplace-relations-policy-2020

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