Inquiry Senators in Queensland

Inquiry Senators in Queensland

Members of the Senate Committee inquiring into the Fair Protection for Firefighters Bill walked through smoke in Brisbane yesterday.

Senators Marshall, Wright, Boyce, plus advisor Clancy Dobbin, visited the Queensland Combined Emergency Services Academy facility, where they donned structural PPE, took part in a lightning-fast BA training course and were led through a two story, smoke-filled building. They were also stepped into a container to experience exposure to fire and flashback.

Their visit was part of the Senators' inquiry into firefighter working conditions and exposure.

The Senate inquiry continues today in Perth today where Senators will hear from firefighters who have contracted cancer.

A Senate Education, Employment and Workplace Relations' Committee, is investigating theSafety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment (Fair Protection for Firefighters) Bill 2011.

It is examining the Bill and the basis for the proposal to recognise leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, brain, bladder, kidney, testicular and breast cancers as occupation diseases for firefighters.

Read the submissions.

Read the transcript of hearings.

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