Close call west of Geelong

Vic: Close call west of Geelong.

A volunteer fire fighter has told how he and his crew were forced to flee when their tanker went up in flames. Government budget cuts and penny pinching stand accused. "The truck is replaceable; the crew isn't..."
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Vic: Fire on the bay, the spectacle we don't need
The MFB's equipment for responding to fires on vessels in the bay and in Melbourne's rivers is made up of two 'tinnies' - four-metre aluminium boats fitted with pump hoses - and two inflatable dinghies. Marine response Members should be congratulated for the brave stance they have taken in highlighting this deficiency of the MFB's failure to provide equipment and training.

WA: State's firefighting capabilities still under scrutiny
In the last three years, more than 140 homes have been razed by bushfires in Western Australia.

U.S. firefighter deaths continue downward trend
Last year, the number of firefighters killed across America was down for the third straight year.The number of deaths is the lowest since the USFA started keeping statistics in 1977. Records compiled showed heart attacks continue to be the leading cause of deaths, claiming at least 44 last year. January and June were the deadliest months.

Chile: Six firefighters killed battling wildfires
The tragedy occurred as a ten-member team of firefighters were battling forest fire raging near Carahue in the Araucania region of Chile. Officials said the firefighters were trapped by the flames when the wind changed directions suddenly.

UK: Fire crews warn delaying response to automatic fire alarms will leave 170 fires a year to spread
Devon and Somerset crews warn about delaying fire crews attending automatic fire alarms at business premises. The Fire Brigades Union says this is gambling with lives, businesses and jobs and is a ‘cut too far’.

USA: Firefighters’ work schedules should put safety first
The D.C. Fire and EMS Department has made substantial improvements ... more than 80 percent of the department’s calls are for medical, not fire, emergencies.

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