Firefighters’ Canberra Cavalcade

Firefighter cavalcade to Canberra

The UFUA is sending a delegation of firefighters from around Australia to witness federal politicians vote on the Fair Protection for Firefighters Bill next week.

The Bill, which if enacted will ensure firefighters with occupational cancer can access medical assistance and compensation, is scheduled to be voted on in the House of Representatives on Thursday next, October 13.

UFUA members are encouraged to make the trip to Parliament to witness this historic moment.

Get on the bus
For Members in the southern states, a coach will be leaving Victoria on Wednesdayevening, October 12. It will stop overnight in Yass NSW before heading into Canberra in the morning. If you want a seat on that bus please contact the Victorian branch

Join the campaign on the web
If you can’t make the trip to Canberra, you can still be part of the campaign by participating on our dedicated protectyourfirefighters website. It's easy:
- go to,
- click on please help,
- key in your postcode,
- click submit.
Then, a letter will be emailed automatically on your behalf to every federal politician in your electorate.

These letters have already had a great effect. It's important that every Australian federal politician understands how important this legis

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