CFA Cancer Cluster report

Vic: CFA cancer cluster report arrives early

A long-awaited report into a cancer cluster among Victorian firefighters has been delivered early but those seeking answers will have to wait longer.
More firefighters sound alarm on CFA Fiskville training hub.
Victoria's firefighters deserve compensation.

Vic: CFA recruits pulled after water scare
Water used at the Country Fire Authority's Fiskville training camp is feared to be contaminated with dangerous bacteria.
Fiskville water contamination: The CFA has decided to continue to use the water at Fiskville for training, irrespective of the concerns raised by Members and the UFU.

Aviation: Airservices Australia throwing millions at computer security upgrade.
The new systems will track outgoing emails and downloads to USB devices.

NSW: Fire stations face closure if fireys are off sick
Fire stations could be shut down when firefighters call in sick under new budget-cutting measures being considered by Fire and Rescue NSW.

SA: Forestry sale 'selling out' the south-east
"... we've given an undertaking ... to provide community service obligations to ForestrySA to continue their firefighting services that they do in the forests, to ensure that there's that higher level of firefighting capacity ..."

NSW: State government protects Firefighters compensation
The decision followed the first major strike by NSW firefighters since 1956.
Firies give pollies a real spray over WorkCover reforms.
Parliament house hosing to be investigated.
Opposition launches petition against WorkCover reforms.

Qld: Students volunteer as firefighters
Twelve Maryborough students have swapped classrooms for the fire station, volunteering at their local Rural Fire Service brigades as part of a school-based vocational learning program.

NSW: New fire dispatch system slammed by operators

Triple-0 operators have described the restructuring of the communications system for Fire and Rescue New South Wales as a "disaster".

Vic: PS job cuts weaken fire fighting strength
Of the three and a half thousand job losses, 400 will come from the Department of Sustainability and Environment, and 200 from the Department of Primary Industries.
Public sector job cuts increase fire risk.

Qld: Firefighters honoured as region receives first-class fire vehicle
The North Coast Region has received a boost to its firefighting capabilities with the handover of a Regional Operational Support Unit (OSU) appliance at Maroochydore.

Vic/NZ: Tait rolls out radios for CFA
NZ technology company Tait Electronics says more than 9000 of its digital radios are being used by firefighters in Victoria: the radios have been rolled out to more than 1200 CFA brigades.

ACT: ACT firies drop support for Labor
Firefighters vote to withdraw from the longstanding political association after anger over safety and staffing issues reached breaking point.

USA: FEMA awards $69 million in SAFER awards
IAFF affiliates in 28 cities are breathing easier after the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) announcement that more than $69 million in Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grants has been awarded to retain or rehire hundreds of firefighters in their communities.

UK: Essex fire crews – strike solid, public support tremendous
Retained crews set up picket lines; chief’s block on talks is lifted.

USA: All available Firefighters work to control Colorado wildfires
Hundreds of IAFF members are on the ground in Colorado fighting 12 large wildfires.
Tens of thousands flee blazes.
Boulder breathes easier as rain falls.
Obama will tour Colorado fires, thank firefighters.


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