This week’s news: Firies beat WorkCover cuts

NSW: Firies exempt as WorkCover shake-up passes parliament

The Opposition says the legislation means NSW now has the most draconian workers compensation system in Australia.
Firefighters strike as compo fight erupts.
Firefighters spray O’Farrell.

Qld: EB negotiations update - we won’t accept a sub-standard agreement
The state government has changed the industrial laws to advantage them during bargaining and arbitrations. They have embarked on a job threatening agenda and scare campaign designed to incite the public against public sector work. The Union says we will take whatever time is needed to ensure we get a fair package.

ACT: Fire services 'out of pocket'
The ACT Government has accused the Commonwealth of short-changing the Territory for firefighting services provided to Canberra's national institutions.
Feds leave the capital with $6m black hole.

NSW: New roster risks 'not being considered' warn councillors
Mid and West Wales Fire Authority are pushing ahead with the controversial plans, which are expected to see full-time firefighter numbers in Llanelli slashed by half to 13.

SA/NZ: Kiwi fire-engine maker wins Aussie contract
A new multimillion-dollar fire-truck contract for South Australia.

UK: Essex firefighters set strike dates
Firefighters in Essex are to stage five strikes over the coming months in a dispute over cuts.
Union announces five strike dates.

USA: Fire retardants controversy as new rules target contamination
Firefighters say regulation to avoid killing protected species won't pose problem as wildfires spread.The agency rules, that resulted from a lawsuit, require drops to come no closer than 300 feet from streams and lakes except when human safety is at risk.

UK: Coroner’s inquest into 2010 firefighter deaths begins
“Firefighting can never be a health and safety free zone, quite the opposite. The more dangerous the working environment the greater standards of health and safety are required to stay safe..."

USA: Wildland firefighters don't get health insurance
Seasonal firefighters across Colorado and the west this tinder-dry summer don't have federal health insurance and can't buy into it if they want to.

NZ: Times changing for firefighters
"We're struggling a bit for volunteers in the Far North at the moment..."

US: Firefighters remembered in anniversary of Charleston tragedy.
On June 18, 2007, nine South Carolina firefighters died in the line of duty while battling the Charleston Sofa Super Store fire.


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