UFUA Aviation Branch – Member Survey

Dear Current and Former Members/Aviation & Rescue Firefighters,

I am writing to give you the heads-up regarding a survey the Union is facilitating on your behalf into workplace bullying, harassment, discrimination and culture at your workplace. The Survey will be designed, conducted, assessed and reported on independent to the Elected Officers of the UFUA. Our UFUA Barrister Dr Allison Ballard who is a respected academic, researcher and Doctor of Laws will conduct the survey and ensure the report is accurate and unbiased. See Dr Ballard's published academic papers/reports via the link button below.

The survey will contain about 25 questions and should take you less than 15 minutes to complete. We hope to send the survey out in the next week or two so please check your spam/junk folder periodically in case it lands in there.  If you do not wish to participate in this survey please email me by replying to this email and I will arrange for your email to be removed from the survey mailing list.

The survey is confidential and completely anonymous. We will be careful to ensure that any information that may identify individual respondents is de-identified.

The results of the survey will be compiled into a report for members and also, depending on the results, into a summary for consideration by Ms Elizabeth Broderick, as part of her Airservices Australia-commissioned culture review. We want to ensure that your voices are genuinely heard as part of Ms Broderick's review. We would also like our own evidence about your perceptions of what is happening on the ground at your workplace and also your ideas about how things can be improved. We think there must be 'A Better Way' to do business and hence the name of the survey.

Please note that the results may also be included in peer-reviewed academic and other articles, but only in a way which will not identify any of the respondents.

If any of you are in contact with any former aviation rescue firefighters, please feel free to pass this survey on to them.

We are also interested in hearing your personal stories so please put your hand-up if you have more to add.  The report generated will only be as good as the information received. 

I commend the survey to you. Stand up and tell your story.

Kind regards

Mark von Nida

Branch Secretary

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