Members please ensure that you have received and completed your survey into Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination in Airservices.

We requested Airservices to consult with us regarding the Terms of Reference for the Elizabeth Broderick Review and they refused to discuss the TOR's with us and told us to take it to FWA if we didn't like that. Obviously no bullying or disrespect of our 853 members to see here. They said the same to Civil Air's 1200+ members as well.

We understand they have also engaged lawyers to review previous cases of discrimination, bullying and harassment. We need to ensure that all the victims stories are fully heard and not covered up.

Your UFUA has filed an F10 dispute and will be seeing them in Fair Work on the 10th Sept.

In the meantime we have sent out our own Survey similar to the Civil Air Survey. We urge all current members and recently retired members to complete the survey. If you have not received it yet contact:

Also check it is not caught by your Junk or Spam Filter settings.

It is very important that you have your say! If you have a story that needs telling contact Allison directly and she will include the detailed infomation for the review and our own report.
  Our mailing address is:
Unit 3/88 Flinders Parade
North Lakes QLD 4509
ABN 96 533 521 914

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