1. Matt Wells

    What exactly has been conceded for TOIL? That’s a big concern

    • Wes Garrett

      Just to be clear nothing has been “given away” for TOIL.

      The existing provisions for TOIL will remain (see Clause 24 of the current EA) without any amendments or changes.

      Your Union is not interested in trading away existing conditions, rather maintaining what we already have and improving where needed.

      Advancing TOIL, within our entire list of the log of claims has been “dropped” so as to prioritise our negotiation efforts in seeking improvements to working conditions in other areas, namely our big-ticket items: better consultation, minimum staffing, improvements to equity and diversity, wages and superannuation increases.

      I hope this clarification allays your concerns.

      Thank you once again for keeping up to date with bargaining and for giving us your feedback

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