1. One – Airservices. Such a contradiction, when smack bang in the middle of CV19 management decide to role over 2% per year for three years for ATC and no change to conditions when only revenue was govt support. This culture review has changed nothing but to increase the workload of remaining staff not eligible for the RIS, you know that other fiscal waste of money. Bravo incompetent Airservices management who should be focusing on improving health and safety and firefighting operations.

  2. This process has dragged on for a length of time now (not for the fault of the union). Airservices are definitely dragging their heels, whilst they are critically short in areas could we not all decide to withdraw any members working overtime on a Friday morning between 10:00 -11:00 am, this would grab the attention of industry and the board. I hope we don’t go back to not emptying bins and receiving goods on a station as often this cuts off our to spite our face. We are in a strong position currently, we need to take advantage of it. send out a vote of industrial action, that will prick their ears up. Anyhow I’m not in the room, I’m not reading the room like you are. I trust your direction and support any action we need to take. go brother

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