UFU Aviation Branch Submission Performance and Functional Specification IAV

Recently your Union was asked to provide a response to Airservices/ARFF on the Function and Performance Specification for a proposed Internal Access Vehcile [IAV]. The CONOPS for an IAV was also provided to assist with our response.

A comprehensive response was submitted by your Union with key concerns relating to the following aspects being detailed.

  • Key omissions from specs including consideration of Compressed Air Foam Systems [CAFS], penetrating branches and consideration of only on aerial specialist vehicle of three or four.
  • WHS concerns with the current situation in Brisbane and Sydney
  • Concerns about the platform tilt test
  • The UFU believes that development of the following SOP’s should take place involving elected HSR’s.
  • Safe working inside foam blankets,
  • Slide removal/deflation procedures,
  • detailed training packages required for specific aircraft,
  • Precautionary disembarkation procedures,
  • Safe transport of passengers away from scene,
  • Casualty handling (stairs/equipment/stretchers),
  • Equipment handling (stairs/equipment/hoses),
  • PPV positive pressure ventilation SOP,
  • Defensive Firefighting strategy,
  • Working around unstable fuselage/sections,
  • Access to heights SOP, APU/High Engine/Wing access SOP's.

This work by your Union on your behalf is vital and concerned with your safety and ensuring that you have the right equipment and safe systems of work on the job.

This work also provides members with information that adds to your understanding of your job and the technical nature of the considerations your Union to takes into account in its work on protecting and promoting your interests and welfare.

I strongly encourage you to take the time to read our full submission and would welcome any feedback from you. .

Henry Lawrence

Branch Secretary

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