The Bumper Monitor Volume 2 Number 2

Welcome to the next edition of The Bumper Monitor.  As our newsletters are quite lengthy we are trying something different with this edition. Instead of downloading the whole newsletter you can now click on each item heading which is a link to that item only. You can read the item you want to at the moment and come back later to read further individual items or the whole newsletter. If you want to download the whole newsletter you can still do that by going to the link below which will do that for you. That being said, here's what's in this edition.

  1. From the Secretary .....On a recent visit to Sydney CEO Harfield told our members that testing was available to staff who wanted to be tested
  2. Accelerate .............Job cuts have left the government body responsible for air-traffic control in Australia in crisis, with senior Airservices officials providing damning accounts that the organisation is now "a huge risk to public safety".
  3. UFU Lessons Learned Number 6 ..........There was heavy rain, lightning and poor visibility and the aircraft was on an ILS approach. Pilots of the preceding aircraft warned ATC of the poor braking action they experienced on landing.
  4. The DIRD ARFFS Regulatory Review ...........Our letters to CASA, the Minister, Comcare & all Australian MHRs and Senators asking for support along with our Three Minutes to Live campaign may have been responsible for preventing a total disaster
  5. Members Corner ............ This little champion is Brisbane LAFF Mitchell Hill’s son: Hendrix Roscoe Hill. Born 17:04 on Valentine’s Day.
  6. What the Duck ....... Utilising a branch at low pressure on one end of the drain to float and push the ducks to the other end

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