Gobsmacked says WA chief

WA: Training shocks chief .

Fire services chief Wayne Gregson says he was "gobsmacked" at some of the inadequacies within the Fire and Emergency Services Authority and has flagged big changes in the way bushfires are fought in WA, including more training for firefighters.

New head says criticism of FESA warranted.

Qld: Firefighter dispute returns to IRC 
‎Yesterday, the UFU imposed state-wide work bans after a firefighter was sacked on medical grounds.

Vic: Secondment Program snub

The MFB chief didn’t even take the time to talk to, congratulate of even acknowledge our existence during the official launch of this program. The CFA Chief took the time meet us, chat individually and was happy to have his picture taken with us.

Six firefighters from each agency will take part in the MFB CFA Secondment Program that has been established a result of a Bushfires Royal Commission recommendation.

NSW: LSV dispute resolved, bans lifted
A breakthrough in the current dispute over the LSV Staffing arrangement: the staffing arrangements for the LSVs are to revert to the position agreed between the parties in February 2010 as a part of the settlement of the Waratah dispute.

SA: Committee to hear of timber sale fire worries 
‎A parliamentary committee investigating timber harvesting rights in South Australia will hear concerns from volunteer firefighters worried that privatisation of south-east forests will heighten the fire danger.

USA: Senate blocks jobs bill for teachers, firefighters and police

The U.S. Senate blocks the first stand-alone measure from President Obama’s jobs bill – the Teachers and First Responders Back to Work Act.

UK: High Court challenge to public sector pensions switch
Six unions have mounted a legal challenge on behalf of millions of public sector workers over what inflation index is used to increase their pensions. A judicial review hearing starts in the High Court on Tuesday.
FBU not to take industrial action over pensions on November 30.

NZ: Black Watch Members affected by restructure
The Union is aware of the letters received by our members regarding the employers proposed changes to black watch establishments.

UK: Privatisation of London fire training / fire control centre dangers
A new report warns that plans to privatise London Fire Brigade training and the fire control centre would compromise safety while imposing new high financial risks on the capital’s fire service.

USA: Viriginia firefighters rally for jobs proposal
Firefighters from around the state rallied at a Charleston firehouse to show support for a federal measure they say will provide thousands of first responder jobs.

USA: Black firefighters group alleges discrimination
A local group that advocates for black firefighters wants the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate what it describes as "systemic discrimination in hiring, discipline and recruitment" in the Baltimore Fire Department. It says the percentage of black firefighters and recruits is low, and black firefighters are promoted less frequently.

USA: Illinois town's budget crisis raises firefighter concerns
East Moline firefighters say they are worried they could lose their pensions, jobs and risk public safety.

USA: Home inspections fraud 
‎People pretending to be firefighters who are offering home inspections of hazardous materials, mould, exit ways and fire alarms are frauds says the Los Angeles Fire Department. Phony letters were mailed to residents telling homeowners of the upcoming inspections.

Afghanistan: Kandahar Air Wing fire department fire training
Officials said the training curriculum for Afghan personnel is modelled after the National Fire Protection Association.

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