ARFF are undertaking a project for the procurement of new PPC [Personal Protective Clothing]. Your Union is concerned with a number of the aspects of the ARFF functional requirements specification document which is the basis on which potential tenderers will bid for the contract of supply to ARFF. Your Union submitted a “fulsome” [CFO’s word] response to the draft of this document which ARFF responded to with “we have expanded or included additional information pertaining to” some of the points in your Union’s response. Several significant points raised by your Union were ignored without any explanation or opportunity for further consultation. This is not good enough.

Members should withdraw and not participate in any testing of PPC until there has been genuine consultation with your representative [your Union] on the procurement process, specification documents and until your Union is included in all phases of the project including the tender evaluation process.

Your Union will always put your health and safety front and centre and will fight to ensure that ARFF does the same. This can be done most effectively with your solidarity and insistence on the active participation of your Union on your behalf, for the total PPC procurement project.

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