Post Election Report


The Aviation Branch has received a post-election report from the AEC regarding the recent Branch election.

The AEC has raised an issue with the National United Firefighters Union of Australia Rule 27(11)

UFUA Rule 27 (11) is as follows:
(11) The Branch Returning Officer shall as soon as practicable after the time on which the ballot closes open the private box. Collect the envelopes therein and convey them to an office selected by the Branch Returning Officer and proceed to count the election papers.

The AEC post-election report states:
“Rule 27(11) does not allow for preliminary scrutiny of returned declaration envelopes at the direction of the Returning Officer. Provision for progressive markback and preliminary scrutiny prior to the close of the ballot facilitates the scrutiny of ballot papers following the Ballot close”

The Aviation Branch has responded to AEC with the following:

This is a national rule and any changes to UFUA Rules must be made in accordance with Rule 49.

The Aviation Branch has brought this adverse report to the attention of the National Union requesting that the Rule be reviewed in the context of the AEC comments and any rule change would be sought in accordance with Rule 49.

Members are advised that the post-election report is available upon a member’s request from the UFU or the AEC

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