Firefighters battle heirarchy

Qld: Firefighters take up mate's battle with QFRS heirachy.

A Queensland firefighter's case before the state's Industrial relations Commission is highlighting the issue of workers with epilepsy.

WA: A dire bushfire season ahead: how will it be tackled?  
‎ The United Firefighters Union WA Secretary Graeme Geer says the Union has called for 13 medium tankers. "The next thing is to make sure that the career fire and rescue services have got enough resources on the days when they need them."

Vic: ParksVic Firefighters ban threat 
Decent pay rise sought.

Qld: Fail
In August, the Queensland Auxiliary Firefighter Association (QAFA) applied to register as a Union; two months later, it discontinued that application. This comes as no surprise to the United Firefighters Union as we knew that the application did not comply with the requirements of the Industrial Relations Act.

USA: Ohioans vote to preserve collective bargaining for firefighters
Ohio voters have delivered a resounding 61% to 39% message to their governor – one that will likely reverberate across the nation in the coming months – soundly rejecting his effort to destroy collective bargaining for firefighters and other public employees.
The IAFF's Fighting Back campaign.

UK: Women firefighters lobby MPs
Women firefighters are lobbying MPs over the Government’s controversial pension reforms, which they say will hit women harder.

NZ: Black Watch Members affected by restructure
The two Weeks to November 20 will be used to attempt to pin down certainty around specific Hours of Work.

UK: FBU says take hybrid vehicles out of service
South Yorkshire fire crews have asked for the controversial new CARP (Combined Aerial Rescue Pump) vehicles - a cross between a traditional fire engine and a high-reach rescue platform - to be taken out of service until a full investigation into serious safety failures has been completed.

USA: Electric cars pose new hazards for firefighters
“There’s a lot more to worry about— it’s not just a gas fire or jagged metal - now there’s high-voltage electricity ...”

India: Jaipur fire department goes for a facelift  
‎Federal government funds will modernise and strengthen the Rajastani capital's department; 526 new firefighter positions are included.

USA: New technology to help locate lost firefighters
The equipment can locate lost firefighters who may be in distress at a fire using a GPS device called Pack Track.

Canada: Court order on safety regulations
It was the second time in less than 12 hours that firefighters have toured the Occupy Vancouver site at the Vancouver Art Gallery...

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