1. Brett Hatherell

    Minimum staffing levels are a major concern.
    We at Sydney have been operating Cat 9 with 3 Officers and 8 firies.
    I’m quite concerned that when we were Cat 10 (hopefully we’ll be back to Cat 10 in a few months), we were 17 staff – 4 officers and 13 firies…
    In typical Government fashion, the question will be eventually asked, why are do we need those extra 24 members across the station!?

  2. Wes Garrett

    Thank you Brett for raising such an important topic.

    We encourage you to reach out to your Union Delegate on Station and NSW Branch Committee Member as current staffing issues, such as:
    – service obligations (staffing for CAT);
    – lack of consultation on rosters/hours of work/overtime;
    – sufficient relief to cover leave/training etc;
    The Union have taken these issues to the Fair Work Commission in a current dispute – the comments you raise are directly relevant.

    Thank you once again for your comments and please stay tuned for more EA updates.

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